17 homestead
19 homestead
32 round horse yards
13 pasture
09 pasture
07 stand of trees
11 pasture
01 main dam
05 dam
03 dam
12 4 bay shed
13 pasture 2012
30 horse yarding
28 cattle yards
27 shearing shed - 3 stands
26 sheds
24 sheep yarding - undercover
21 kitchen
20 lounge
35 cottage




3 Bedrooms

1 Bathrooms

4 Garages

The greatest detriment to the viability of any agri-business is drought. Drought is a constant in our minds. When will it start, when will it end? Like death and taxes, it's going to happen. Unless you live at Wongabel.

This outstanding property of 1317 acres ticks all the investment boxes. Versatility, water security, excellent location, income generating. Developers take note: huge potential for growth in productivity and capital.

Wongabel has run approximately 6000 DSE over the last 15 years. Being only 50km's from the coast as the crow flies, the predominant weather is easterly and the long term average is 740 mm or 30 inches. Afternoon mists often blow in from the coast during summer, hydrating the pasture and sustaining plant growth.

As well, there are approximately 40 spring fed dams! And countless springs soaking the soil surface across the property. Water, water, water. With dams that never dry up and pastures that grow for most of the year, every year, some people might call this property drought proof. It is certainly low risk farming.

There is also room for pasture development by applying lime and super phosphate. The pastures, which are basically weed free, are 40% improved species including phalaris, cocksfoot, fescue, ryes and clovers, and 60% native grasses. Further development would increase carrying capacity substantially.

A reticulated water system is used to distribute water throughout the property.
The infrastructure is modern and well maintained.
Two comfortable homes, one 3 bedroom, one 2 bedroom, set in established gardens.
Double garage.
3 stand steel shearing shed with covered outdoor working yards, 20 years old.
400 head cattle yards, curved race, covered working area, 8 years old.
4 bay enclosed machinery shed/workshop, steel, 3 phase power.
3 bay machinery shed, steel construction.
4 bay steel hayshed, 200 tonnes capacity.
3 x 50T grain silos.
Chemical shed. All the sheds have been built in the last 25 years.
23 acre horse facility with steel stables, tack room and feed storage, 2 round yards, polo crosse ground.
Fencing all good including a central laneway system bisecting the property, ideally suited to rotational grazing which simplifies management.
Livestock shelter includes natural undulations and tree belts as well as planted tree breaks.
Located at Majors Creek, 22 km Braidwood, 80 km Batemans Bay, and 110 km Canberra.
Great location, great property. Water security means consistent income.


Agent: Rowan Begg

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